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Wheelchair accessible vehicle allows the families or persons with mobility needs to cruise around comfortably

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles which are simply called WAVs are specifically modified vehicles that allow additional mobility to people with limited movement capability. These vehicles enable the individuals to hop in along with their wheelchairs without having to transfer the original seats of the vehicle. These WAVs are ergonomically oriented vehicles that are particularly designed to envisage the extra need of the users. These vehicles use adaptive technologies to provide the most ideal solutions for people with limited mobility options.

We at Gilani Engineering have been providing hiring and rental services of WAVs to transform the lives of people with mobility limitations. We envisage our efforts to alleviate the challenges of mobility-impaired people which they face in their everyday lives. It not only becomes a challenge for the aforementioned people but is also a great challenging situation for the caretakers of these people as well since settling the mobility-impaired passengers in an ordinary car is not only an exhausting feat but is also a recurring activity which makes it even more tiresome. Perhaps you have not considered the idea of investing in a wheelchair accessible vehicle because you think it’s more expensive than an ordinary vehicle. You might also think that driving this vehicle is less fun. However, there are several benefits that come with buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Greater mobility options

Wheelchair accessible vehicles allow a greater degree of freedom to physically impaired persons along with their care-takers. The entire family can enjoy greater mobility when it comes to family trips or adventures. Regardless of the fact whether you own a manual or power wheelchair, your modified vehicles will entertain your chair and significantly enhance your mobility. It makes movement easier and comfortable for everyday activities such as going to a grocery store or visiting a doctor for an appointment.

Multidimensional effectiveness

Wheelchair accessible vehicles help you save the significant time of your day. Unlike the conventional method of lifting both the wheelchair and its user into the car which is bothersome at times, time taking, and exhausting for everyone, the WAVs along with the use of ramps and lift mechanisms make it efficient in terms of time and physical stress. A wheelchair accessible vehicle does not require any special-needs person to be transferred from the wheelchair to the seat of the vehicle. This is very important, especially when the mobility-impaired person has injuries that cause them pain during such movements. With this vehicle, unnecessary pain is prevented on the special person’s shoulders, particularly if the user of the wheelchair is doing the transfer alone or at the back when the transfer is being done by care-givers.


These vehicles have great possibilities for adaptive conversion such as low-effort steering, in-floor ramp technology and automated ramp systems which make their operations convenient and simple. This accessibility makes getting accustomed to these vehicles easy while preventing injuries in case any equipment is not used properly. Usability and practicality are the major benefits of wheelchair accessible vehicles because they make moving from one point to another an enjoyable and seamless process.


Since the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are designed to support assistance to the mobility-impaired people, therefore special consideration is placed to ensure the safety of these passengers as well. Apart from ensuring a safe entry/exit transmission of the individuals, in-floor wheelchair ramps are mounted to assure the stability of the wheelchair during the ride. In addition, the vehicles are made with superior quality equipment. Additional seatbelts are installed to save these passengers from any injuries in case of application of sudden breaks or unfortunate accidents.

There are a variety of WAVs in the market and the decision of choosing the best WAV depends on a lot of factors such as the severity of mobility challenges, convenience and practicality, and the degree of its compliance with the specific needs of the subject.

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