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What is a Home Modification?

A home modification consists of altering a person’s home to suit their needs.


Our team of certified and professional builders bases their modifications after they do a complete and thorough analysis of the place or through the analysis of an occupational therapist.

Our home modifications range from simple as installing grabs rails, palm-rails, lever taps and step-wedges to more complex residence alterations like putting in fixed wheelchair ramps, widening doorways. Our engineers work closely with clients and occupational therapists to ensure that we are catering to all your needs and providing customised service.

Gilani Engineering is able to able to modify any part of the house whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen, we make sure that the home is risk-free, mobility friendly and completely safe. We strive in providing the best service possible which is why we even widen doorways to provide easy access to and from rooms.


Why do we do it?

Our certified engineered builders are trained to create any solution for your home modification requirements. We want you and your loved ones to know that you are safe. We take pride in our work and make sure that it is up to the highest quality standard. Gilani Engineering is an NDIS approved service provider and we work closely with the NDIS support team and occupational therapists. We want our clients to have that extra support and safety you need in their home with our simple and complex home modifications


What is the benefit of home modifications?

By having a home modification project completed, you can ensure that your house is safe and wheelchair friendly. We have completed successful jobs where clients have widened the doorways to fit their mobility devices. We have also completed full kitchen and bathroom modifications to suit the needs of our clients.


What are some examples of home modifications?

  • Installing Handrails on the Stairways
  • Installing Grab Bars in the washroom by the shower, toilet or any other spot
  • Placing Door Levers
  • Placing Hand Rails
  • Widening Doorways
  • Toilet Seat Raisers
  • Using Assistive Devices to Provide Aid in Mobility
  • Chair Raisers
  • Wheelchair Ramps and so many other options!


Residential and Commercial Elevator and Stairlifts:

  • Home lifts
  • Stairlifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Commercial Lifts
  • Incliner Lifts
  • Portable Lifts


Where can I get more information about home modifications?

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 02 8740 8963 or email sales@gilaniengineering.com.au and our team will gladly help you to start your home modification journey with Gilani Engineering.

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