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The Benefits of Having a Custom Cushion By Gilani Engineering

What are Custom Dunlop Seat Cushions?


Gilani Engineering’s custom wheelchair cushions are premium custom made cushions to suit your needs and lifestyle. The wheelchair custom cushion is designed to benefit you by providing comfort when you need it the most. It also allows for the support that a regular cushion may not provide and allows you to have the height you desire when sitting in a wheelchair. Customers are able to choose the size that benefits them the most as well as any colour they desire. Due to it being custom made, we are able to customise many features of the Dunlop seat cushion to cater to your preferences. The custom Dunlop cushion can be made for electric and manual wheelchairs as well as any other seating arrangements you wish to have.


Why we do it?

We want our customers to feel comfortable when sitting in their wheelchairs which is why we provide custom seat cushions that are perfected to any size and shape. We want our clients to feel happy whilst providing them with extra support. Our customer-driven perspective is what makes us one of the best mobility assistive equipment companies in Australia. We invest time and effort in making sure we understand the needs of our clients and that they are happy with their purchase even after the sale. We like to ensure that all our services including wheelchair-accessible car conversions, wheelchair van conversions, dual control car modifications and disability pedal vehicle modifications and all our products: mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs are all of high quality.


The benefits of a Dunlop Seat cushion

The best wheelchair cushion is a custom made one by Gilani Engineering. This is due to the amazing benefits and features of having a custom made seat cushion. The various benefits of having a custom made cushion by Gilani Engineering is as follows:

  • Provides Stability – we make sure that our custom made cushions are suited for your mobility needs as well as being the perfect size for your wheelchair.
  • Perfect for all ages and sizes – no matter what age or size you are we are able to custom make the Dunlop cushions to your preferences.
  • Comfort – all our cushions sold at Gilani Engineering are made of high quality and provide superior comfort for all individuals.
  • Postural care – the customised height leveling of the cushion allows for the assistance of postural care due to its innovative design.
  • Higher seat level – you are able to customise your seat height to suit your desired requirements
  • Pressure management – the Gilani Engineering custom cushions assist with pressure management as it allows for the support of back and spine.


How is it made?

The wheelchair cushion for sale at Gilani Engineering is made of premium contoured foam which provides the extra support you need when sitting on a wheelchair for a long period of time. The waterproof cushion cover is breathable and also has a zipper to remove away from the foam to wash in the washing machine. The custom-made Gilani Engineering cushion is lightweight as well as heavy-duty that can be used for wheelchairs, office chairs, car seats and in any other appropriate places. The quality anti-dust mite material allows you to feel comfortable and safe. Gilani Engineering also makes custom made Car seat cushions and covers for your vehicles and refurbishments.


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