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High Quality Dual Control Car Modification near Sydney

Driver education for young people or adults entering the transport industry is known to have vehicles adjusted with driving pedals in the front passenger floorboard. This service, provided by Gilani Engineering, can be installed into any style car, truck, SUV, van or bus. Our reputation for quality products and services will give you peace of mind regardless who is behind the wheel.

When looking for dual control vehicle modification near Sydney, remember you have several pedal options depending on your needs. Our pedals are quick release and cable operated; providing safety without drilling into the firewall. We have been working in the automotive industry for over 12 years and understand the safest and most cost-efficient systems for dual control car modification.

Gilani Engineering, near Sydney, supply our dual pedal system to comply with Australian Standards and offer minimal modification to your vehicle. We have streamlined the process to be completed within one day, to keep your life simple. The product is manufactured from steel and carefully crafted to enhance, not detract from the existing hardware. All installations are engineered to provide you with confidence that they will withstand the test of time.

If you have been looking for dual control car modification near Sydney; call us on 0403 22 94 30 to discuss how we can help meet your needs. Remember we also offer numerous products and services related to improving access for disabled drivers using extended pedals, stamp pedals or other pedal adjustments. Visit our online store to find today’s latest technology to meet your transportation needs.

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