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Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Mobility Access Car Conversion

✅  Convenient and Flexible seating arrangments

✅ Fully Automatic ramp

✅ No Manual Handling Needed

✅  Third Row car conversion

✅  All vehicle modifications are completed and safely under the NSW Law



The Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Mobility car conversions are perfect for easy wheelchair mobility access.


The Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification is very convenient and flexible due to having an option that allows for 8 people in the vehicle or 5 people plus the wheelchair user. The optional third-row seat modification allows for the third-row seat to fall forward so that it makes space for the wheelchair passenger. The seat can also fall back at any time to put the vehicle back to its original configuration of 8 passengers in the vehicle and can also be removed altogether for more space in the car.


Advantage and uses:

  • Side Steps - this assists individuals who require mobility assistance in and out of the wheelchair access vehicle, side steps reduce the step height.
  • Boarding and departure winch - the is ideal for vehicles with a lowered floor. the Adapt Solutions Power Pull Winch is compact and the superior design removes the need to assist manual wheelchairs into the vehicle. Maximum weight of 160kg.
  • Automated Entry - provides convenience in regards to using your wheelchair access vehicle. The automated ramps reduce the need for an individual to manually handle the ramp. This feature is outstanding for wheelchair passenger conversions and a vital part of self-drive options.
  • Folding 2 Person Seat in Row 3 - the third row sits perfectly between 2 adults and stows to the side to provide easy access for the mobility aid device to the vehicle. The best way to increase the seating capacity of the wheelchair accessible vehicles up to 6 people plus 1 wheelchair.

Type of vehicle that can be converted:

  • Kia Carnival
  • Honda Oddessey
  • VW Multivan
  • Caravelle
  • Transporter
  • Caddy


How long does installation take?

The installation will depend on each individual's requirements on what exactly they want. It can take a few days or even weeks. Please contact us with your specifications and we can let you know the exact time frame and the pricing involved.


Please contact us to enquire about pricing!


All vehicle modifications completed by our trusted team of engineers are all in compliance with the Australian NSW State Law.


Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification

Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification

Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification

Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification



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