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HANDYLIFT Person Lifter In & Out Vehicle Handytech

Electro-mechanical lift arm that makes it easier for the passenger to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat


Person lifter

Passenger transfer solution





Handylift is an electro-mechanical lift arm that makes it easier for the passenger to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat.

Usually installed at the front right door of the vehicle, it can also be housed in other access areas of vehicles suitable to accommodate it. The sturdy harness, made of washable breathable material, is attached to the Handylift. With its three horizontal pivot points combined with the electric lifting system, the person can thus be transferred quickly and easily.


The latest version of this device WEIGHS 10.4 kg (3 kg less than the previous version), has a LIFT CAPACITY OF 110 kg (reduced to 90 kg if used with a removable bracket fitted to the door hinges), and comes with a WiFi remote control operating the electric gear motor. It is equipped with an anti-crush system, LED lighting to facilitate loading and unloading in case of poor lighting.
Handylift is made of specially treated and powder-coated steel, and its rotating bushings are made of a technopolymer which, along with the IP65 rated gear motor, make it suitable for use in damp or humid environments.

Once the transfer is complete, Handylift is removed from the support bracket fitted to the vehicle and placed in its storage bag. With a single device, Handylift allows transfers to be carried out on different vehicles, provided they have been fitted with a support bracket.

The Handylift device can be used in combination with the removable undercarriage for the hoist.


This product is recommended for everyone including:

  • Wheelchair users  
  • People recovering from Stroke
  • Amputees 
  • People with Multiple sclerosis 
  • People with Cerebral palsy 
  • people with Motor neurone disease (MND) 
  • people with Parkinson’s disease 


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 80 × 120 × 30 cm


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