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Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair

Pack your bags and grab your airline friendly mobility wheelchair. We are going on holiday!

The Australian government have been in discussion to reopen the borders according to the Sydney Morning Herald. With the international borders being closed for nearly a year, I am sure everyone is eager to go on a holiday and explore a new destination other than Australia.

Qantas has already jumped the queue and has released tickets for international flights for most countries including the UK and US. That means you will be able to visit your friends and family abroad or travel internationally for an adventure or to relax in a foreign country.

Gilani Engineering have you sorted with our airline friendly heavy-duty lightweight foldable exclusively Australian distributed GED09 wheelchair and to celebrate the opening of the borders soon, we are offering a discount on all our colours of the mobility wheelchair for a limited time. We have a wide range of colours to suit your mood and destination.

DED09 travelling with a wheelchair for sale

GED09 wheelchair for sale by high quality brand Gilani Engineering

Want to explore the sandy beaches underneath the summer sun. We have you sorted with our Royal blue colour disability aid lightweight wheelchair perfect to suit the beachy tones of the ocean.

Mexico - Cancun

Travelling with a wheelchair Cancun Mexico

Take your brand-new disability aid wheelchair to the southeast side of Mexico, to the mesmerising town situated on the Caribbean Sea. The city of Cancun has various activities, hotels and adventures for people travelling with a wheelchair.

Take a long ride along the soft white beach on the wheelchair-accessible beach with one-of-a-kind sceneries. The disability aid wheelchair GED09 can drive for up to 25km.

Still can’t get enough of the breathtaking view and about to run out of battery? Don’t worry, you can purchase additional batteries which only weigh 1.5kg that you can carry using one of the storage bags. Easily slip out and put in the new battery to continue to enjoy your day without any troubles.

USA – Key Largo

Travelling with a wheelchair Key Largo America

Another beach town that has a feature for people travelling with a wheelchair is a beautiful town located in the upper Florida key archipelago called Key Largo.

This amazing holiday town is connected to the mainland of Miami where the locals call it the “Diving Capital of the World”. This marvellous beach also has wheelchair accessible ramp and wooden walkways for people travelling with a wheelchair.

The “Diving Capital of the World” in America also have available wheelchair accessible boats for individuals travelling with a wheelchair to gain access to the stunning views of the sea and the coral fish.

Not feeling the beach and want someplace that you can explore indoors and outdoors? We have the perfect Glossy black colour disability aid wheelchair to suit the exploration of rich history in style.

UK - London

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair London UKForget the present and get lost in history that dates back over 700 years ago. Home to one of the world’s best playwright and poets and historical architecture. Use your foldable lightweight wheelchair to adventure to the world’s oldest underground railway situated in the heart of London.

You can also explore the town of Stratford which house the birthplace of one of the most poet famous poet of all time – William Shakespeare. Explore the 15th century town with easy disability access for your travelling with a wheelchair needs.

Norway – Oslo

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair Oslo NorwayThe city of Oslo which borders around Sweden is a superb wheelchair and walker accessible town with a mostly flat surface everywhere you go. Home to a glamourous Royal palace and Oslo Opera House, you will be immense into the culture of Norway.

The GED09 is perfect for travelling as it you have room underneath your seat to put your belongings in and if you are looking for more room, we have a wide selection of storage backs that can be situated in the side of your armrest or on the back of your chair to provide more room for you to put larger items in.

You can also visit the Viking Ship Museum, National Theatre and the Noble Peace Centre which are all wheelchair accessible.

Immense yourself with the vibrant colours of Spain and Thailand with our red coloured disability aid easy travel GED09 wheelchair.

Spain – Tenerife

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair SpainThe town of Tenerife is enriched with their colours of culture. In Tenerife, you can find the Las Vistas beach with offers disability aid users an opportunity to swim in the ocean with floating wheelchairs. They also offer tours to one of the third largest volcanos in the world with easy access to an all-terrain mobility chair to explore the natural parts of the city without comprising anything. Enjoy the lightweight foldable power wheelchair that offers you views all around with a 360° joystick controller.

Thailand – Pattaya

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair Thailand

Enjoy the tropical beaches of Thailand with their completely disability accessible ramp that enable people travelling with a wheelchair to enjoy the blue colours of the ocean. There are many activities available for disabled people which enable fun and adventurous getaway. Some activities on offer for mobility aid users are disabled diving and many shows with wheelchair access and facilities that provide easy transportation.

Drive through the busy cities of Korea and New York with your elegant matte black wheelchair.

Korea - SeoulTop 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair Korea

The city of Seoul is ranked as one of the best cities when it comes to wheelchair accessible places and is ideal for people travelling with a wheelchair as all transportation and most shops have large entrances for easy access.

There are many places to explore including the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Tower, various museums and large shopping malls that all have wheelchair accessibility. There is no worry if you are going up an escalator as the exclusive GED09 can take a maximum slop capacity of 12°.

Similar to Korea, New York is home to a large number of shopping centres and breathtaking skyscraper buildings. Enjoy the many activities available in all seasons of the year.

Enjoy the renaissance period in the rich heritage of Italy our classical Silver GED09 featuring extra features like a headrest or leg rest for complete comfort for your travelling with a wheelchair needs.

Italy - Tuscany

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair Italy

Visit one of the worlds most-visited places and explore the art of the renaissance era. Enjoy the many museums available for travelling with a wheelchair as you explore and discover the diverse range of art pieces made by award-winning artists.

Visit the town of Tuscany in Italy and view the diverse natural landscapes which consist of the snow-capped Apennine Mountains, olive groves, vineyards and sunny beaches overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Not feeling any international countries.


Top 10 Holiday Destinations for People Travelling with a Wheelchair Sydney Australia

Australia is home to an interesting and diverse range of fauna and flora to explore. With many activities and adventures for people travelling in a wheelchair. Each state you are bound to find something worth your time. We are also housed to many stunning beaches as well as tourist attractions such as the:

  • Uluru in the Northern Territories
  • Great Barrier Reef in Queensland
  • Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia
  • Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia
  • Great Ocean Road in Victoria
  • Lastly the City of Sydney which is home to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The disability aid lightweight wheelchair is ready and available to take on any destination! Don’t forget the special offer and contact us today before the sale ends.

Please be aware that while flights are available for international travel, there may be changes made anytime due to COVID-19. Please stay up to date with travelling on the Australian government website at https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/

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