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MobilityCare is an Australian based company in Melbourne founded 1992 by owner: Ian Mclean. MobilityCare aims to have the latest Mobility and Rehabilitation products for their clients. They import top quality brands such as AMF-BRUNS and AUTOCHAIR from U.K, U-Step 2nd Generation from U.S.A, TOPRO from Norway and they work with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure that their assistive equipment and solutions are suitable for their clients.

The assistive equipment they provide ranges from electric wheelchairs, scooters, electric lifts and recliners as well as mobility aids such as walking aids for those who require it not just for the disability industry but also for our elderly. They also help with rehabilitation for those with MS, strokes, paraplegia, trauma, impaired mobility and spina bifida which is done by THERA trainers. As we specialise in Vehicle modification our biggest avenue working with Mobility Care have been sourcing the Autochair boot hoists LM-40. The Autochair products are an excellent piece of engineering fitting nearly any vehicle and we receive the boot hoist within 1-2 working days from Mobilitycare.

Mobilitycare provide low cost shipping and have 7-day money back guarantee and have a variety of dealers and business partners around Australia (one of them being Gilani Engineering). They are also an NDIS provider.

The attention and dedication they provide for their products, services and clients have been one of the many reasons why Gilani Engineering have chosen to be there business partner and be an authorised Installer and Autochair dealer and installer.

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