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Adapting to the Changes in Home Visits and Callouts

Gilani Engineering not only provides products for the elderly and people with disabilities but also services. We are an one-stop-shop for all your disability needs.


Our services include:

  • Home modifications
  • Dual Controls and Vehicle modifications
  • Repair of equipment/products
  • Warranty
  • Home visits
  • Hiring equipment
  • Vehicle hire
  • Accessible taxi and community transport in Sydney Metro
  • Call out service
  • Occupational therapy assessment room
  • VSCCS Compliance Certificate

All people have their own capabilities. Here a Gilani Engineering we recognise everyone’s individual needs and cater to their different health conditions and challenges. We pride ourselves in making sure that everyone customer is personally looked after and provide the customised care they need. This is why we offer home visits and call outs.

services and repairs and warranties - home visits

services and repairs and warranties - home visits

What is a home visit?

A home visit is when a trust professional goes to a client's house to inspect and provide advice in regards to home modifications and determining the right products and equipment to suit their needs. An in-home visit is usually performed with an occupational therapist (OT) who are mainly alongside the client to give them an understanding of what is required.


What is a callout service?

A callout service is when one of our trust technicians are allocated to go out and help a client. A callout can come in various forms including but not limited to:

  • Inspection and repair of faulty/damaged product
  • Inspection of a house for home modifications
  • Callout for advice and recommendations
  • Demonstrating our various products to customers if they cannot come to our showroom at 14 Smithfield Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164.
  • Any assistance you need outside of regular trading hours


We cater to all types of people including:

  • Age care
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • Health Department (HD)
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Councils


Gilani Engineering makes sure you receive only the best quality of service so that you can come to us confidently to assist in your mobility needs. There is never a limit when it comes to our products and services regarding the disability industry as we centre ourselves around your needs.


We are also an NDIS provider making the whole process easy and simple for you with all the support you need. The home visit procedure has changed due to coronavirus and we have changed the way we handle home visits and callouts. During our home visits and callout, our team members take the extra precaution for you and us both to ensure that we are following the safety procedures to decrease the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

ndis-logo - - home visits

When coming out for a meeting with any client or OT our team members make sure that they follow the model of care and incorporate risk screening as per Health NSW states on their website. This is so we reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus to other people and also to keep everyone involved safe.

  • Screening of clients: Before our team member leaves the showroom, we call the client to check if they have any relevant systems of COVID19. This allows us to determine whether it is safe or not to visit the client. If any of our team members are feeling unwell, we make sure they get tested and have plenty of rest before returning to work.
  • Physical distancing: Gilani Engineering employees ensure social distancing is met everywhere they go including the workplace for the safety of our clients and to ourselves.
  • We also ensure that all our staff is prepared with personal protective equipment such as hand sanitiser, cleaning wipes, reusable equipment, gloves and face masks.
NSW heath information - home visits

NSW health information - home visits

Who is eligible for Home modifications through NDIS?

To be eligible for funding for home modifications, an OT must do an assessment to decide if the client needs home modification in order to live independently or with assistance.

What kinds of modifications are available?

There is nothing impossible at Gilani Engineering. Our modifications can range from minor to complex.

Some examples of smaller home modifications consist of:
  • Installing hand and grab rails
  • Changing to lever-style taps
  • Ramps for easy access to home


Examples of major home modifications can include:

  • Doorway widening
  • Modifying a kitchen, bathroom or any room in a house

During a home visit, one of our team members will inspect the place where the modification will take place and gather measurements so that they can assemble the relevant tools and equipment needed to perform the task. They will follow up with the OT and find the best solution to meet your disability needs.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for clients to come out to our showroom due to their circumstances which is why we take away the worry by going to you. Our team members are highly knowledgeable in the products we supply, and we make them have an in-depth knowledge of what you require before going out to you to discuss our various mobility aid products we have to offer including:

We also repair disability equipment if there is something wrong with it. The product does not have to be purchased from us in order for us to try our best to repair the mobility equipment. Our technician has a master’s in telecommunications and focuses on electrical repairs.

All out are respectful and trusted in the industry to work alongside health professionals to find the best solution for your mobility needs. We also provide recommendations to OTs and individuals on the best solutions when it comes to an individual’s needs.


Please enquire now on 02 8740 8963 or email us at sales@gilaniengineering.com.au and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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