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Gilani Engineering distributes all-in-one light weight foldable airline approved GED09 electric wheelchair with Australian exclusive rights

GED09 is the latest in electric compact wheelchair for everyday out and about use which is available for sale all across Australia. Being on top in the list of innovative mobility equipment, GED09 has been recognized as a best-selling product not just in Australia but around the world. Depending upon the demographics, the same GED09 – foldable electric wheelchair is marketed under various product titles such as E-Traveller, D09, Eagle WD, Eagle HD or Path finder. The utility and customer satisfaction of GED09 can be approximated simply by checking the diverse range of its distribution which has now achieved international status.

The different names around the world but also here in Australia for the same product causes confusion when people searching for electric wheelchairs. The product GED09 which is originally offered by Gilani Engineering has already been marketed under various other product names as listed. Electric folding light weight wheelchairE-Traveller, D09, Eagle WD, Eagle HD or Pathfinder are all rebranding of for the same GED09 foldable electric wheelchair which is designed and fabricated in the same factory to provide additional assistive care to people with limited mobility. Being the best-rated electric wheelchair in Australia, GED09 has been recognized as a must-have product for people requiring extra mobility assistance for their indoor as well as outdoor mobility equipment needs. Gilani Engineering is a proud supplier and distributor of GED09, Gilani Engineering are being an engineering company we are well familiar with the functional mechanism of the product – GED09. Apart from its functional service of providing electronically controlled mobility for a long range, it also provides ease of portability by enabling the user to easily fold his/her GED09 without any hassle. One of the major reasons behind the customer satisfaction regarding GED09 is being lightweight, heavy-duty and very compact when folded. The GeD09 takes very little space when folded which allows the users to take it along their journeys easily. Pull it like a suitcase and fit in any car we have tried.

I bought this electric wheelchair called GED09 in 2019 for my mother who lives in Brisbane. Ever since, it has been super easy for me to take her along to Gold Coast on weekends and nothing is bothersome anymore about her disability since she confidently drives her electric wheelchair with full independence.”

¬ Henry Smith

Special care has been put into consideration for optimizing the ergonomics of the GED09 and that is one reason why it has superseded not only the conventional manual wheelchairs but also the other available electric wheelchairs out there in the market. GED09 offers a wide range of functional benefits, ergonomic compliance, durability and portability. The removable batteries (which can be charged both in and out of the chair) once fully charged provide a massive 25 kilometres run time at a max speed of up to 6km/h. Key features of GED09 can be highlighted as below.

  • Foldable and portable
  • Smartly dimensioned to occupy least space
  • Ergonomically optimized to offer a comfortable seat along with adjustable head-, foot-, and arm-rest.
  • Removable batteries with a full charge time of 6 hours only.
  • 360-degree joystick controller on either armrest.
  • Unladen weight: 25 kg
  • Laden weight: 180 kg

Care must be taken to acknowledge the fact that GED09 has been supplied and distributed with various names like E-Traveller, D09, Eagle WD, Eagle HD and Path finder. However, Gilani Engineering holds the exclusive rights for sales and marketing of the robust GED09 electric wheelchair and offers all variants of the product over a range of price and colour variations. While others using different names for the same GED09 mobility aid motorized wheelchair may be offering a single variant, we at Gilani Engineering offer our customers a wide range of customization since our exclusivity license for GED09 enables us to supply and distribute it all over Australia at best guaranteed price with an additional full Australian warranty.

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