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Foldable Electric Wheelchair Modification


Foldable Electric Wheelchair Modification:

From the invention of the first wheelchair to a time in the near past, wheelchairs were simply chairs with tires attached to them and were largely only manual. Wheelchairs had to be moved physically by the user or the attendant requiring immense physical effort. The manual wheelchairs used to have handgrips at the rear end of the chair, right above the back of the seat allowing the attendant to have a firm grip and to be able to move. Some wheelchairs also had grips on its large rear tires to allow the user to move these chairs. Both of these methods of moving the chair required a lot of effort and were generally very difficult if the weight on the chair was high or if the wheelchair had to be moved across uneven terrain especially if the movement was upwards.

Until recently the concept of a much more comfortable mobility experience for those with special needs and their attendants did not exist and it was very difficult for people with different levels of ability to work in the society because of the many hindrances that the manual mobility aid systems created for them.

However, innovation and technological advancement in both the automotive industry and the mobility aid equipment industry has meant that electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and trike bikes are now quickly replacing outdated and conventional manual systems of wheelchairs and scooters. Greater innovation has meant that newer products and ways of powering have been introduced which are now being used in the industry for mobility equipment for people with special needs. This has led to mainly electric powered systems which require less space, energy, and weight. Moreover, the overall weightage of the wheelchairs and scooters is also decreasing.

The way the industry has changed has meant that people who used manual systems are seeing their systems going obsolete and it seems like a bad investment now. However, Gilani Engineering is not only selling and providing rental services for electric equipment but is also providing services to modify older systems and manual wheelchairs. By availing the electric chair modification services, customers can easily modify their old and manual wheelchairs into modern foldable smart wheelchairs.

All customer has to do is contact the Gilani Engineering service providers in Sydney and the team will use the manual wheelchair and modify it into a new one. The wheelchair will be given new tires if necessary, an electric power system and batteries will be attached to it along with a joypad to control speed, direction, and brakes on the handle of the chair. These services are provided at extremely reasonable rates across Australia and the service is meant to be of the best quality and at an extremely quick rate to ensure greater level of customer satisfaction.

Modification services:

  • New and solid tires with no chances of punctures
  • Electric powering of a manual wheelchair
  • New and improved seating
  • Attachment of a dual control system to allow both the attendant and the user to control the chair
  • New and better designs to the joypad
  • Better brakes and improved speed to ensure better mobility experience

This heavy duty foldable electric wheelchair was simply too small, so, our team customised it ensuring a better, more comfortable fit. We wish you many years of happy cruising!

Wheelchair modification

The services provided by Gilani Engineering are the best in the Australian industry of mobility aid equipment and systems. The aim is to make sure that the demands of people with different requirements are met and to ensure that customers are able to access these products and equipment. It is because of this that the company provides modification services to wheelchairs across the country.

Customers with additional queries can give us a call on 0403 22 94 30 or send us an enquiry via the form to the right or email us on sales@gilaniengineering.com.au for more information.

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