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Gilani Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing contemporary assistive vehicles such as mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs featuring the requirements highlighted by customers over time. We at Gilani Engineering envisage our efforts to model and fabricate the assistive aid products and vehicles for our customers which are not only ergonomically optimized but are also equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide our customers with once in a lifetime experience. Our policy is customer-centric and we believe in a constant improvisation strategy to be the torchbearers in the manufacturing lines of assistive aid products or at least that is what we strive towards.

While the idea of motorized wheelchairs has been revolving around, we have also started providing our customers with mobility scooters which can be counted as an up-gradation of a motorized wheelchair. A mobility scooter equipped with the latest technologies is a great feat in the areas of assistive equipment and vehicles since it essentially contains all the features one can expect to have in an assistive mobility vehicle. If you are or someone dear in your circle is looking for an essential and complete mobility aid equipment, then you need to keep reading this while we spotlight the major features and attractions of a mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters have been going through a lot of improvisations as the time is passing. Starting from as simple as a manual wheelchair to a modern-day mobility scooter for sale, it has been a long journey. All this progress and technological advancement have been made possible owing to the engineers and researchers who came up with optimized ergonomic design considerations for people with assistive needs. Latest mobility scooters are single-seat vehicles that run on DC motors mostly but sometimes they are also operated on gas or batteries which are mostly alike in operation as that of motorized scooters. A typical scooter comes with basic ergonomic features such as headrest, footrest and backrest to enable the users to drive it for longer routes without inviting any physical strain or muscle fatigue along the way. Here are some of the features of mobility scooters which are a matter of great concern for people with mobility assistance needs.

Luxury seat cushions:

Initially, the design or material of the seats does not look like a matter of great concern but as you keep using your mobility scooter, you realize its importance. For instance, if you are an office employee and you use the vehicle as your daily commute between your office and house, you would appreciate the importance of comfortable seats since going out for longer journeys is associated with fatigue and it gets worsened if your seating is not comfortable on top of other roadside troubles.

Suspension system:

A sound suspension system works hand in hand with the luxurious seat of your mobility scooter. While a luxury seat provides a primary travel comfort, a suspension system proves to be an added comfort since it silences the jerks and vibrations when moving over the uneven terrains bumpy roads. Pneumatic tires work like an icing on the cake and offer an even smoother ride on and off-road without compromising on the roadside grip of your assistive scooter.

Rechargeable batteries:

Mobility scooters come in a number of variants depending upon the size and quality of the batteries installed in them. It is important since mobility scooters need to have long-lasting batteries so that they can be taken on to longer routes without worrying about recharging or drainage of its batteries.

Quick packing/disintegration:

Unlike conventional scooters which are characterized by their heavy weight and rigid structures, our latest mobility scooters eliminate all such concerns. Not only are they sufficiently light in weight to be lifted, but also they can be folded or packed quickly in a matter of minutes not hours. You can disintegrate your mobility scooter into two parts when you need to take it along with you while traveling on a car. The two separate parts of your mobility scooters are designed in a way to incorporate folding or packing while utilizing the least space possible. You can carry the parts along in the trunk of even the tiny cars as well and integrate them together whenever you need your assistive scooter back. Such is the utility of these scooters to enjoy completely independent mobility even if you have limited natural mobility or your mobility became an issue for you over the course of your age.

With this mobility scooter, you can be a part of any trip or adventure and carry your mobility equipment with you without having to rely on anyone for your mobility needs. It gives you a sense of freedom as well which is why research studies have shown that independent mobility vehicles are not only improving mobility but are also positively impacting the psychological health of people impaired with mobility. Independent mobility equipment provides a sense of confidence and completion to its users which is matchless to anything in the world. The latest trend is Automatic folding Mobility scooter and Automatic folding light weight electric wheelchairs. One product that have been growing in popularity exponentially over the last 2-3 years is the GED09 light weight foldable heavy-duty electric wheelchair for travel. The name itself explains why it has become so popular. Naturally to Coronavirus (Covid-19) slowed down the growth of this product due to the reduced travel however, still going strong. There are many similar models sold around the world such as Eagle Hawk and Air Hawk sold by Quick N Mobile Mobility. The Eagle HD and Eagle WD which is a top-quality product exclusively distributed by AbbiCare is another example. The list goes on and on.

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