Advanced technology being used in the disability industry-GILANI ENGINEERING

Our communities are becoming more inclusive and aware about the challenges that individuals with different needs have to overcome on daily basis. The industry is rapidly innovating to equip people with personal assistive tools allowing them to holistically participate in society. This has led to the production of electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, dual control pedals for vehicles, trike bikes and electric mobility scooters that are being widely now used. Automotive technology is now being utilised by the industry to create products that make the mobility experience much more comfortable, efficient and beneficial.

This attempt to connect automotive technology to the industry for wheelchairs, mobility aid equipment and systems has led to the production of many different types of aids that now the industry is able to cater to numerous different individual needs and is rapidly becoming a large-scale customised industry. Prior to the use of technology in this industry manual systems for mobility were much more difficult to use making it hard for people with different mobility levels to move around independently.

One of the most important innovations in this regard is the electric wheelchair. It was common for people to use manual wheelchairs which had to be moved either by the attendant or the user themselves requiring much more physical effort for simple movement. Electric wheelchairs enable people to travel without having to use any physical effort. The electric powered wheelchairs move on their own making it easier for the users and their attendants. A simple battery is attached to the wheelchair which can be easily charged to power the wheelchair. The joypad and its speed controlling options allow the user to easily use the wheelchair adjusting the speed and direction to suit their preferences.

Another important innovation is the electric mobility scooter. Electric mobility scooters are not very different from the electric wheelchairs in terms of their basic functionality but tend to be much higher powered and are much more useful for long distances and shopping. These electric mobility scooters are powered by batteries and look very similar to small cars or bikes with a greater level of security and safety. These scooters have a higher speed than the conventional electric wheelchair making them much more useful for outdoor mobility.

Trike bikes are another invention which have connected automotive technology, safety and security. Trike bikes are three tire petrol powered bikes created especially for the needs of people who require assistance in movement. These trike bikes are especially useful for transportation and provide massive employment opportunities to those who seek work whilst having to manage their reduced mobility. They have opened massive opportunities for the people to work and since the automotive industry has not particularly focused on creating vehicles that are as user-friendly to people with special needs, trike bikes ensure that this is no longer an issue.

Since the industry has been constantly trying to create all kinds of vehicles user friendly irrespective of abilities and needs, an important transformation in the industry is the dual control system of vehicles such as regular cars. Cars can now be modified to create a pedal system which can be controlled by two people, both the driver and the passenger sitting next to them. The passenger sitting next to them can also have pedals which can control the speed of the car allowing the people with special needs to drive without the fear.

This inclusion of technology into the industry is quickly revolutionizing the mobility experience of people from manual control systems which were difficult to handle to automatic, usually electric powered systems requiring minimal physical exertion.

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GED09, The Best Electric Wheelchair to buy in Brisbane

Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 is a modern electric powered wheelchair designed for the mobility of people with wide range of abilities. This modern wheelchair seeks to assist mobility both inside and outside homes through an automatic movement system which beats all conventional forms of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. GED09 is the most efficient mobility aid system available and it can be purchased from Gilani Engineering Store to be delivered all around Australia. The chair is aimed at completely revolutionizing all the mobility assisting aids by incorporating technology, innovation, compactness and all passenger needs into a single chair.

GED09 Electric Wheelchair:

It is different in many ways to other mobility aids. The conventional wheelchair systems generally tend to be extremely heavily and are much more likely to be manual. GED09 solves both these problems. It is fully electric and requires minimal effort for the passenger while trying to move.

It is extremely small in dimensions when fully folded or when ready to use. Many electric mobility scooters tend to be extremely big in size. While they have many advantages and provide nearly the same assistance to the passenger in terms of effort and movement they are not so useful for airplanes, trains and cars. Most mobility scooters are similar to bikes and small cars. On the other hand, D09 can be easily carried and is much more useful for indoor use than other larger scooters which take up more space than this wheelchair.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 is an extremely compact scooter which can support nearly 6 times its own weight. It is perfect for air travel, cars and trains with a foldable option allowing it to be adjusted nearly everywhere whilst taking up little to no space. It weighs nearly around 25 kg with batteries and generally has a capacity well over 170 kg. It can easily adjust in the trunk of the car and can also be easily carried by hand while it is folded. Therefore, it is more efficient compared to other forms of wheelchairs which tend to take more space than usual.

The Foldable Electric Wheelchair GED09 has two solid rear tires and two smaller front tires facilitating faster movement with more agility and flexibility. These tires are much better than most tires used in the current system and have less chances of getting punctured making it a much more viable system of transportation on rough and uneven terrain. It has an extremely comfortable seat which is easily removable and washable at up to 95 degrees. The chair also has a flip-up footrest which is adjustable depending on the needs, providing improved comfort to the passenger.

The system is electrically powered with two removable lithium powered batteries that can be connected to the chair and take up to 6-8 hours to be fully charged. Once fully charged, the chair can be used for nearly 25 kilometres without needing to be charged again. The batteries can be charged both on and off-board and its battery indicator system is extremely reliable with precise recommendations and measurements in terms of distances and time.

The chair has two armrests with the right and left side control options. The chair has a 360-degree joystick controller making it easier for the user to adjust the direction and their commute becomes much smoother.  Additionally, the armrest has a speed controller with a maximum speed of up to 4 mph. The chair has electromagnetic brakes to ensure passenger safety.

These features of the chair allowing for the creation of an extremely modern mobility equipment that is now rapidly replacing other forms of mobility aids and it is quickly developing into the perfect travelling companion.

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Dual control driving instructor in Sydney

Dual controls are an additional set of pedals located in the front passenger seat to control the vehicle's main functions such as braking, accelerator and clutch. They are used to assist driving instructors while teaching novices and learners how to drive. Dual control is a backup safety feature, so in an emergency, the driving instructor can control the brakes, throttles or clutches in the vehicle to reduce the chance of the vehicle being in a dangerous state.

These dual controls are operated via cables where all components of the system remain inside the vehicle. This reduces wear and makes it easier to maintain and inspect system components. Gilani engineering’s dual control have provided this service to driving training vehicles for many years, therefore they are a proven design, easy to use and versatile.

Driving instructors must follow Australian standards while serving their cause. A brief overview of Australian standards regarding dual controls is:


What are the driving instructor Australian standards?

As a guide, the vehicle must have all of the following:

*Passenger side brake pedal.

*Additional internal rearview mirrors can be used, instructors can see the traffic approaching from the rearview mirrors - cosmetic mirrors with sun visors are not acceptable

*A clearly visible label is affixed to the passenger side of the dashboard, which reads "This vehicle is equipped with dual controls."


What documents are required to become a Driving Instructor in NSW?

*Complete and pass the theory assessment with a higher pass rate than expected of non-instructors (however if he/she holds a nationally-recognised qualification from a  Registered Training Organisation, they do not have to do the test)

*Provide proof of their identity

*Complete a National Police Certificate

*Complete and pass the practical driving assessment

*Pay the relevant fees


The requirements for the one learning to become Driving Instructor are:

*Be at least 21 years old.

*Submitted police character checks.

*Have passed the medical fitness standards

*The driving instructor of your choice must have a minimum of 3 continuous years’ experience driving the vehicle class that you will be driving

*A driver’s license.

*The driving instructor of your choice must be licensed driving instructor within your State.


So have you found yourself eligible and now looking for a trustable partner to install dual control into your car. If so contact us today.



Gilani engineering provides one of the best wheelchairs and mobility scooters that are easily available all over Australia. It also gives the best customer care by providing after sale services.

Gilani engineering has one of the best mobility scooters for its customers that not only provides them comfort but it will help the customers in the long run since this store offers after sales service. There are five main mobility scooters which are best branded and well known for their super portable designs that are easy to handle and gives a smooth ride even on hard grounds and surfaces.

Following are the best five mobility scooters that are available for sale in Sydney:

1) Envoy 4 plus mobility scooter.

2) Scout portable mobility scooter.

3) S19 deluxe folding mobility travel scooter.

4) Scout sport Quattro mobility scooter.

5) Go- go LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension.



This product is a renewed model of a mobility scooter which is an impressive machine built for a super comfortable drive. Its supportive design helps the user adjusting to  the needs accordingly. This comes with a special price for online customers and delivered with express shipping all around Australia. The design is made for hard grounds and surfaces with rigid paths including diverse features like all round suspension which helps to avoid the bumps on the ground packed with long lasting batteries and a LED light that enables the user to drive at night safely. Furthermore, it comes with a two year warranty which helps users in the long run. Last but not least it provides a great travel range of approx. 48km.

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Scout portable mobility scooter is also one of the best scooters available in Sydney. It is a mini mobility scooter which is why it is quite portable. This scooter is best for outdoor use as well as indoor since it is lightweight and easy to manage. It consists of a next generation drive medical splitting mechanism. This scooter cannot be used in bumpy or hard grounds. However this model is very comfortable, easy to use and reliable.

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The Go-go LX mobility scooter is one of the most advanced mobility scooters available in Sydney. Its unique CTS suspension gives a smooth and hurdle free ride even in the most diverse riding conditions. Its design gives the best performance and comfort. Furthermore, this mobility scooter is easy to manage with diverse features along with great storage and transportation.

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This mobility scooter is well known for its powerful mechanism. It consists of an electromagnetic braking system and also features a deluxe padded seat with wide armrests providing super comfortable seating for its users. This scooter accommodates long lasting batteries and delta type handlebars for easy handling.

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This type of unique device is a super lightweight machine which makes it very easy in handling and transportation. Weighing only 27.3 kg with lithium charged batteries make it super lightweight and provide a great travel range. This is specially designed to be easily folded and fitted in a car. Its portable features that make it easy to move around and possible to take to supermarkets, malls and etc. Hence, it’s one of the lightest weight and most convenient travel scooter.

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Dual Control Pedal Designs and Implementations

What is Dual Control?

Dual controls are an additional set of pedals located in the front passenger seat linked to the original pedals. This is mainly used for driving instruction purposes and allows the instructor to operate the vehicle pedals from passenger side. They are often operated via cables, where all components of the system remain inside the vehicle. This reduces damage, wear and makes it easier to maintain and inspect system components.

Dual Control Designs

Dual control systems often come as a pedal kit. These pedal kits are equipped with options to suit any vehicle with brake, clutch and accelerator pedal. With a few changes, you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. The cable length is adjustable and can be installed in even the most compact cars, MPV, jeeps, bus or truck due to its flexibility and small size. These kits include stainless steel cables used to pull the original pedal.

Dual Controls Left Foot Accelerators and Pedal Extensions are just a few of the many modifications we can use to customize vehicles and simplify commuting.

They come in 4 different combinations, including:


While implementing, one must follow local transport regulations according to Australian Standards:  

As a guide, the vehicle must have all of the following:

Gilani Engineering installs these kits on the vehicle’s structural section close to the same horizontal and vertical plane as the driver's side pedal. This ensures that the passenger has the same response and view as the driver. The pedals, cables and pivots must have the same strength, material and durability as the original controls.

The installation does not require any cutting or extensive modification of the vehicle unlike the outdated rods and rod system used. Furthermore, our dual control kits are easily removable meaning that the device can be re-installed on vehicles of different brands, models or years and leaving your car in its original condition. Our dual control has been installed on numerous vehicles in Sydney area.

Gilani engineering’s dual controls have provided driver training vehicles for many years which indicates that they are a proven design, easy to use and versatile. If you decide to update your driver training vehicle later, our dual control device is fully repairable, removable and it can be easily re-installed on any vehicles of any brand, model or year.

One of the most important things in this system is its installation which must be done correctly. On the proper structural section of the vehicle close to the same horizontal and vertical plane as the driver's side pedal. The driving and response are therefore similar to the driver's side pedal. The pedals, cables and pivots must have the same strength, material and durability as the original controls.

Installing our dual control system does not require any cutting or extensive modification of the vehicle at all, unlike the outdated rods and rod system used. Similarly, there will be no indication that our device is even there when it is removed from your vehicle in future. Our manual equipment is equipped with clutches, brakes and accelerator pedals. Our automatics have brakes and accelerator pedals. Gilani Engineering's dual control function can also be used with cable flying vehicles.

We also provide you with locking pins to install when you wish to inactivate the device. By installing these pins you no longer able to step on the dual control pedal, simply activate the kit by removing these pins. Our dual control is suitable for most of the mainstream vehicles such as of FordHondaHyundaiKia, NissanMazdaMitsubishi motorsSuzuki and Toyota.


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How NDIS is helping communities.

Previously, people with different levels of ability were usually treated as just patients. All the supports that were provided to these people were always in a segregated settings such as special school or special needs services centers. Recently, the work has been done to help the people by providing community services, fulfilling their needs. Now all the disability services have focused on making people part of their local community with more focus on helping them developing different skills, providing employment opportunities and assisting them to lead a normal active and stable life.

Since the NDIS has been established, the role of disability service providers has been improved increasingly. People with all kind of availabilities can have more control, choice and access to the supports that they need. Individuals with special needs are provided funds by the NDIS meaning they have more access to the aid equipment that they require. The other disability services providers are also working to make the housing and transport services accessible to everyone.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is currently operational all over Australia. It provides access to services needed by people with different levels of ability and help them in living a normal life. The NDIS works very uniquely, as it provides people with an individualized experience and it also realizes that people have different kind of goals and needs. It provides people with a choice about the support they need to live the life they want with complete comfort and safety.

The NDIS is always improving and thriving to provide a better future, so that they can provide accessibility for everyone and create a connection between people and their communities by consistently working on providing important and necessary benefits to its participants.

There was a report by Productivity Commission which reported:


For example:


Community services do not have to be as complicated as people may think. Some of them may include:


Globally, the demand for accessibility inside homes, offices, streets and in other public places is growing. This continuing need is detrimental to anyone with a limited movement, which forces them to occupy a wheelchair and rely on others.

An electric wheelchair saves energy and make things possible for people with varying mobility levels and special needs. It has made its impact over the market which doesn’t seem to get replaced by other alternatives anytime soon. Factory wheelchairs might come with different settings for a person who wants to do something more than just using it for the ease of mobility in their daily life.

However, modification is a vague term, it could include all sorts of modifications. As for wheelchairs, it can be defined as modifying the wheels to make it go through some challenging terrains, modifying the battery for optimum life, the seating position or using AI wheelchairs can be made to self- drive.


How to make a customized Artificially Intelligent wheelchair?

Developers never let their minds go in vein. They are always looking to manufacture new and innovative products. By using a few distance sensors, a few cameras and a board (Arduino etc); AI can help build a wheelchair which doesn’t require the person to push or handle it. It will go where it’s told to through voice commands.

Another type of robotic wheelchair, a less complicated one, can be made using a distance sensor and a few cameras. It will not need the user to push it. It will follow the movements of the user's shoulders. Camera and distance sensors work with a pretty impressive response time, allowing the user not have to wait for the wheelchair to respond, it responds as soon as it gets the signal, without any delays.

It can also be made to follow its user by mimicking the movements of that person, wherever he/she moves, it will follow them exactly. Each move will be instantaneous and it will not make the user wait for the wheelchair’s response. Generally, such settings are made to keep the wheelchair on left side of the walking companion.

Using such a system will have a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages of using this customized wheelchair is obstacle safety. The person riding it does not need to worry about the obstacles as the wheelchair will avoid the obstacles on its own. Obstacles even include the moving things, like a human being. The wheelchair will itself choose the path that has lesser obstacles in.


What parts are required for Wheelchair Conversion?

For making this project a reality, both electrical and electronic components are required to be modified accordingly. Some of them are briefly described below:

In-wheel motors: Most 250-watt motors are gear-wheel motors, meaning they have planetary gear reduction, so the motors rotate at the best RPM. This makes the motor more efficient than a simple direct drive, 250 watts hub motor. Planetary gears mean higher torque and more efficient electric motors. In the motor shown below, you can see planetary gears that make the motor rotate 5 times faster than the wheels. Because electric motors like fast RPMs (more efficient, more torque, and more reliable), planetary gears allow smaller, lighter motors with the same output power as larger motors. By weight, a gear wheel hub motor is much better than a direct drive wheel hub motor. Although some companies produce 250-watt direct-drive motors (such as Bionx's 250-watt motor, which is the same motor used on smart bikes). We strongly recommend that you purchase a bicycle with this motor size and choose a geared hub motor over a direct-drive hub motor as they are lighter, smaller and more efficient. Like most in-wheel motors today, 250-watt motors on the market utilise efficient brushless motors.


If you are residing in Sydney and want your wheelchair converted then Gilani Engineering is the place to look for customized solutions. As they provide the best wheelchair conversion service in Sydney.

How to get NDIS funding?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme launched by the Australian Government that provides support to people with disabilities under the age of 65. NDIS have been working to assist the Australians since it rolled out region by region and it is now providing assistance to over 250,000 people in Australia who have different levels of support needs. NDIS is directly administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIS is specifically established to provide you with more control, choice, and freedom. NDIS funding packages replaces some of your current disability services funding bringing the services in under one roof. Once you receive your NDIS plan, you work directly with your OT to agree on an approved funding package for the types of services that you require. You have the option and choice of who will provide the services you need and choosing the service provider by yourself with assistance of your OT. You will have an NDIS meeting to make a plan which is based on your individual needs.

What is the Importance of NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was commenced after a 2011 Productivity Commission report was released. It was found that the disability services were “underfunded, unfair, fragmented and inefficient”. The commission suggested a system of flexible individual funding packages that can be used to fund disability support products and services. The NDIS funding helps people with:

There are 15 different categories of the funding of NDIS, all of these cover assisting people with different levels of ability in achieving different results.


What is the Eligibility Criteria for NDIS?

 Before applying for an NDIS funding, you need to make sure that you fulfil the eligibility criteria. The eligibility checklist is listed down below:

How to apply for NDIS funding?

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria listed above, then call 1800 800 110 and ask to make an Access Request. The NDIS services are available all across Australia, but you should still make sure if the NDIS services are available before you submit the access request. The next questions is whether you’re already receiving existing disability services or not. You will be contacted by the National Disability Insurance Agency if you are already getting the disability services that are being incorporated into the NDIS. The National Disability Insurance agency will contact you either by phone or through post. If you’re not already receiving any disability services, then you can directly reach out to the National Disability Insurance Agency by yourself.

You can also get a form for the access request. You will be asked a few things as part of the access request process, such as:

You may also be requested to give some more information after you submit your Access Request. This may include information about your disability and how it affects your daily life. You can also give copies of information, including letters or reports, or you can ask your health professional to fill out and sign a form.

If you are looking for an approved NDIS service provider then contact us and we can guide you to right track.

How to choose the best electric mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are mobility aids that assist movement and walking made especially for those with accessibility difficulties. These scooters are generally designed to improve efficiency and reduce travel time. Most Electric Mobility Scooters designed for those with mobility impairments ensure that the movement is completely assisted although non-electric variants of it may exist too.

These scooters have a seat attached to the compact body of the scooter which is fairly similar to a wheelchair. The body rests on four wheels with the front ones connected to a steering device. Electric mobility scooters are battery powered with specific battery chargers that can be connected and used for a given period. The scooter’s steering option allows the adjustment of direction and has a specific tiller allowing the user to adjust the speed and use directional signals. Most scooters have a speed range of around 8 to 15 km/h depending on the manufacturer.

Newer designs of electric mobility cars are very similar to modern bikes and scooters making them much more like smaller cars and vehicles rather than making them look like wheelchairs. Traditional designs of the scooter still exist but innovation is allowing more massive changes in the design and the structure of the mobility aid.

Advantages of mobility scooters:

Mobility scooters have several advantages in comparison to the different forms of mobility aids. An electric scooter not only ensures better movement for people with different levels of abilities but also makes sure that people with lower stamina levels and higher levels of obesity can be assisted in movement.

Moreover, in comparison to traditional wheelchairs, they are easier to use and require little to no involvement of feet. Steering and speed control options can be controlled entirely by hands making it much more effective. Similarly, since electric mobility scooters are not manual they require less effort. This makes it an important device for those with lung-related and breathing issues.

Types of mobility scooters:

There are several different kinds of scooters designed especially to cater to different needs. Some scooters are very similar to traditional wheelchairs while others are made with a completely different design and for different uses. A major aspect when deciding what type of mobility scooter to buy is the weight capacity and the design. Most scooters tend to have a weight capacity range between 140-185 kg while other customized scooters may have a higher capacity.

There are four major types of electric powered mobility scooters:

Depending on the requirement, mobility scooters can be very effective at assisting movement and these different categories of scooters help a customer decide what type is more useful for their requirements.

For further details, you can visit our Electric Wheelchair Product section or contact us.

Wheelchair Hire Service in Sydney


Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are excellent aids to those requiring assistance with mobility. These aids improve the movement of people with limited mobility, allowing them to participate more freely in the society in all conceivable terms and ensure a greater level of inclusivity. While it may seem that wheelchairs are for those that they may have long-term requirements and need for assistance, it could not be further away from truth.

All kinds of physical activities can lead to temporary injuries hindering the general movement of people. Sports are one important cause of these injuries and people may require wheelchairs and mobility scooters for a short time, say a few days or weeks. Investing in wheelchairs for such temporary usage may not seem like a wise monetary decision to many people.

The rental services are not only viable for those with temporary injuries caused by, say, playing sports but is also extremely useful for those who require wheelchairs only rarely. There are people with special needs who may not leave their house as much and hence may not feel the need to buy a wheelchair. They can simply benefit from the hiring service provided by our company.

Hiring costs and service centers:

Gilani Engineering presents the opportunity to hire their wheelchairs and the most affordable rates across Australia. By contacting the company, you can get a wheelchair or any other mobility aid at extremely economical rates. Gilani Engineering charges just 0.6% of the purchase price of the aid per day across Australia.

This rental opportunity is very cost effective, the service works not just in cities like Sydney and Brisbane but all over the country. These low priced rates are better ensuring that people can afford means to transport.

Process of hiring equipment:

The rental process for the equipment is simple. All the customers have to do is choose from the wide variety of equipment – wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, ramps, walkers, trike bikes, walkers, and rehabilitation equipment. After selecting, the customer can simply inform the service center and provide the details of the order. Gilani Engineering will deliver the products across the country. The products can also be picked up from the stores by the customers after presenting the necessary hiring details. This system is made to be as smooth as possible to ensure greater customer convenience.

Gilani realizes that people may have different needs depending on the different levels of abilities and hence seeks to improve the experience by providing as much customized range of products and services even for customers that are only seeking to hire the equipment.



Advantages of hiring mobility equipment from Gilani Engineering:


The aim of Gilani Engineering is to make sure that the demands of people with different requirements are catered for and hence it has always sought to expand its operations to provide newer products and newer ways to make sure customers are able to access these products and equipment. It is because of this that the company provides for hiring the same products that are easily available for purchase too at extremely affordable rates.

Customers with additional queries can give us a call on 02 8740 8963 or send us an enquiry via the form to the right or email us on for more information.