Trikes Allow Wheelchair Bound Passengers To Become Drivers

Most products that are created for general use tend to ignore accessibility needs and hence these products largely hinder those who require assistance. As a result, those with accessibility needs are not able to participate as fully in the society as they could if the products been made with the same considerations. The transportation industry is no exception to this and in fact a perfect example.  Most vehicles cannot be used by those with disabilities and as a result, constant innovative techniques are growing in the industry to accommodate. Trike bikes are an important innovation in this regard and are quickly revolutionizing the concept of transport and are changing countless lives across the globe.


What are the features of trike bikes?

Trike bikes are powered motorbikes which create accessibility. Most bikes come with two wheels making it impossible to operate for someone in wheelchair. Trikes tend to have one wheel in the front and two at the back to support the body of the bike to ensure safety and control. This reduces the chances of the bike falling significantly and contains the fragility that is an element of conventional bikes.

Trikes also have an option and space for the wheelchairs to be carried and driven along. The bikes have tiedowns, seatbelts and hooks allowing for the passenger to secure their wheelchairs to the trike.


What is the usefulness of trikes?

A major advantage of these bikes is that they open countless avenues for employment for those with limited mobilities. The simple one pedal trike bike or the fully hand operated trike allows a person to work in the transport sector, food and goods delivery industry and courier service companies as well as easily getting to and from other workplaces. This is very important because these trike bikes present opportunities for financial independence to those with disabilities.

Moreover, trikes are generally much safer given their three-wheel design. The easy to use nature of the bikes makes journeys for people with accessibility needs much more convenient.

They are better than many alternative systems of travelling available for wheelchair bound. For instance, most electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs are slower in speed making them not very useful for long journeys and for employment. Trike bikes are different in the sense that they have a higher maximum speed, comparable with conventional bikes while not compromising safety and security at all.

Wheelchair accessible trikes are much more expandable than the general single seat vehicles. Most trikes come with additional boxes attached at the back of the bike with high storage capacity which are useful for shopping, jobs involving deliveries and for longer journeys which may make it easier to carry necessities in a separate box rather than forcing passengers to carry different bags and backpacks to perform the same task.

They in general are an important innovation in the transportation industry making travel a much more inclusive activity and allowing for greater physical and financial independence to those with accessibility needs. These kinds of innovations across different industries are changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and encouraging the idea of the importance of creating products catering to customized needs.

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Injecting Technology from the Automotive into the Disability Industry!

Wheelchairs are a necessity for anyone anyone with movement limitations as they providing freedom, independence and equality. Yet the luxury, options and availability to receive a customized solution may seem out of reach. Our team of innovative specialists at Gilani Engineering has the vision to create an equally accessible future for everyone by utilizing the latest technology in personal mobility equipment.

As the social consciousness regarding people with special needs grows across the world, the disability industry continues to grow. The industry is rapidly innovating by producing personal assistive equipment to enable people with special needs to participate in society as fully as everyone else. This has led to production of electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, dual control pedals for vehicles, trike bikes, and electric mobility scooters that are now being widely used. Automotive technology is now being used by the industry by creating products that make the mobility experience much more comfortable, efficient and beneficial.

This attempt to connect automotive technology to the industry for wheelchairs and mobility aid equipment and their systems has led to the production of many different types of aids that now the industry is able to cater to numerous different individual needs and is rapidly becoming a large-scale customized industry. Prior to the use of technology in the industry manual systems for mobility were much more difficult to use making it hard for people with different mobility levels to move around independently.

One of the most important innovations in this regard is the electric wheelchair. It was common for people to use manual wheelchairs which had to be moved either by the attendant or the user themselves requiring much more physical effort for simple movement. Electric wheelchairs enable people to travel without having to use any physical effort. The electric powered wheelchairs move on their own making it easier for the users and their attendants. A simple battery is attached to the wheelchair which can be easily charged and powers the wheelchair. The joypad and speed controlling options allow the user to easily use the wheelchair and adjust the speed and direction to suit their preferences.

Another important innovation is the electric mobility scooter. Electric mobility scooters are not very different from the electric wheelchairs in terms of their basic functionality but tend to be much higher powered and are much more useful for long distances and shopping. These electric mobility scooters are powered by batteries and look very similar to small cars or bikes with a greater level of security and safety. These scooters have a higher speed than the conventional electric wheelchair making them much more useful for outdoor mobility.

The dual control system is an important and essential innovation in the industry because it is aimed at making travel much more comfortable and flexible. People with special needs and different abilities can have a much smoother commute with the help of this system rather than constantly having to control it. Most of the cars with attached dual control panels and systems tend to be extremely lightweight and thus do not increase the weight of their cars very much making it much suitable for the overall functioning of the car.

In simple words, the dual controls are just additional features of driving controls which help the main functions of the vehicle like clutch, brake or accelerator to be controlled by the person who is sitting in the passenger seating position. They can be used to teach someone to drive as well. The dual controls systems are a great back up function in case the driver loses the control of the car. It is used to prevent the people to be in harmful situations.

Trike bikes are another invention which have connected automotive technology, safety, and security. Trike bikes are three tire petrol powered bikes created especially for the needs of people who require assistance in movement. These trike bikes are especially useful for transportation and provide massive employment opportunities to those who seek work whilst having to manage their reduced mobility. They have opened massive opportunities for the people to work and since the automotive industry has not particularly focused on creating vehicles that are as user-friendly to people with special needs, trike bikes ensure that this is no longer an issue.

Since the industry has been constantly trying to create all kinds of vehicles user friendly irrespective of abilities and needs, an important transformation in the industry is the dual control system of vehicles such as regular cars. Cars can now be modified to create a pedal system which can be controlled by two people, both the driver and the passenger sitting next to them. The passenger sitting next to them can also have pedals which can control the speed of the car allowing the people with special needs to drive without the fear.

This inclusion of technology into the industry is quickly revolutionizing the mobility experience of people from manual control systems which were difficult to handle to automatic, usually electric powered systems requiring minimal physical exertion.

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Can the 57 year old VW pass the engineering certificate of NSW 2017?

The answer is short and sweet, yes!

After excessive testing of the structural integrity, the old German proved that it still have the spark.

Dual Control Driving Instructor Vehicles Ready for Duty!


Dual control, left foot accelerator and stamp pedal extensions are just a few of the many modifications we can use to customize your vehicle and streamline your commute. With just a small adjustment your vehicle can be well-equipped and ready to go!

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Dual Control & Disability Pedal Modifications

Fleet of Dual control vehicles ready for service

Dual controls are an additional set of driving controls, so that people located in the front passenger seat can control the vehicle's main functions, such as braking, accelerator and clutch. They are used to assist driving instructors while teaching learners how to drive. Dual control is a backup safety feature, so in an emergency, the driving instructor can control the brakes, throttles or clutches in the vehicle to reduce the chance of an accident.

These dual controls are operated via cables, where all components of the system remain inside the vehicle. This reduces wear and makes it easier to maintain and inspect system components. They come in 4 different combinations, including Brake, Brake and Throttle, Brake and clutch Brake, Clutch and Accelerator.


The main functions of the dual controls include:

Kia Rio learner vehicles


Australian standards:

As a guide, the vehicle must have all of the following:

Brake pedal, wire operated

One of the important things in using dual control setups is its installation which must be done correctly. It must be installed in the proper structural section of the vehicle close to the same horizontal and vertical plane as the driver's side pedal. Therefore, it is similar to the driver's side pedal. The pedals, cables, and pivots must have the same strength, material, and durability as the original controls.

Our dual controls for driver training vehicles are produced and installed in our licensed workshop in Sydney, Australia. Our dual controls are engineered units that meet all requirements of Australian (Standards) Rules and Regulations where applicable, comply with the affected Australian design rules. Our dual control has been installed for driving schools in Sydney and supplied to workshops around the country.

Gilani engineering’s dual control have provided service to driver training services for many years therefore they are a proven design, easy to use and versatile. If you decide to update your driver training vehicle later, the device is fully repairable and can be used with our dual control device, which can be removed and easily installed on vehicles of different brands, models or years.

Installing our dual control system does not require any cutting or extensive modification of the vehicle at all. Unlike the outdated rods and rod system used. Similarly, there will be no indication that our device is even there when it is removed from your vehicle in future. Our manual equipment is equipped with clutches, brakes and accelerator pedals. Our automatics have brakes and accelerator pedals. Our dual control function can also be used with cable flying vehicles.

We also provide pins for dual controls, so when you are not using them, install the locking pins, and now you cannot step on that pedal. The dual control is suitable for most of the mainstream vehicles such as of ford, Honda, Hyundai motor, Kia, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi motors, Suzuki and Toyota.

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Foldable Electric Wheelchair Modification


Foldable Electric Wheelchair Modification:

From the invention of the first wheelchair to a time in the near past, wheelchairs were simply chairs with tires attached to them and were largely only manual. Wheelchairs had to be moved physically by the user or the attendant requiring immense physical effort. The manual wheelchairs used to have handgrips at the rear end of the chair, right above the back of the seat allowing the attendant to have a firm grip and to be able to move. Some wheelchairs also had grips on its large rear tires to allow the user to move these chairs. Both of these methods of moving the chair required a lot of effort and were generally very difficult if the weight on the chair was high or if the wheelchair had to be moved across uneven terrain especially if the movement was upwards.

Until recently the concept of a much more comfortable mobility experience for those with special needs and their attendants did not exist and it was very difficult for people with different levels of ability to work in the society because of the many hindrances that the manual mobility aid systems created for them.

However, innovation and technological advancement in both the automotive industry and the mobility aid equipment industry has meant that electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and trike bikes are now quickly replacing outdated and conventional manual systems of wheelchairs and scooters. Greater innovation has meant that newer products and ways of powering have been introduced which are now being used in the industry for mobility equipment for people with special needs. This has led to mainly electric powered systems which require less space, energy, and weight. Moreover, the overall weightage of the wheelchairs and scooters is also decreasing.

The way the industry has changed has meant that people who used manual systems are seeing their systems going obsolete and it seems like a bad investment now. However, Gilani Engineering is not only selling and providing rental services for electric equipment but is also providing services to modify older systems and manual wheelchairs. By availing the electric chair modification services, customers can easily modify their old and manual wheelchairs into modern foldable smart wheelchairs.

All customer has to do is contact the Gilani Engineering service providers in Sydney and the team will use the manual wheelchair and modify it into a new one. The wheelchair will be given new tires if necessary, an electric power system and batteries will be attached to it along with a joypad to control speed, direction, and brakes on the handle of the chair. These services are provided at extremely reasonable rates across Australia and the service is meant to be of the best quality and at an extremely quick rate to ensure greater level of customer satisfaction.

Modification services:

This heavy duty foldable electric wheelchair was simply too small, so, our team customised it ensuring a better, more comfortable fit. We wish you many years of happy cruising!

Wheelchair modification

The services provided by Gilani Engineering are the best in the Australian industry of mobility aid equipment and systems. The aim is to make sure that the demands of people with different requirements are met and to ensure that customers are able to access these products and equipment. It is because of this that the company provides modification services to wheelchairs across the country.

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NDIS Approved Provider of Wheelchair Car Modifications and Wheelchair Sales


The government of Australia initiated the NDIS to help Australians with different abilities who are less than 65 years of age. NDIS helps the Australians with different levels of ability by providing them with better access to funds and all the support they need. The participants of the NDIS have a choice to choose the organization they want for receiving their support. NDIS aims to improve the quality of life of the differently abled people in Australia by providing the necessary support that they need. NDIS is considerably new so some people can get confused while choosing the appropriate and suitable NDIS provider in Australia.

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based mobility equipment specialist and wheelchair supplier that provides high quality mobility tools for people all around Australia. It is an official NDIS provider and it works best in bringing comfort to the people who need it the most. Gilani Engineering provides best sustainability and comfort with quality. This NDIS provider is always focusing on providing the best customer service to its users and it is highly recommended. It aims on providing the latest technology and it offers a remarkable performance to its users. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of products and services. Some of the products are listed below:

Gilani Engineering also provides the following services:

Gilani Engineering is able to approve alterations and modifications to motor vehicles according to NSW Road Traffic Authority guidelines introduced by State Government. It approves a range of modifications from the fitting of aftermarket seats through to body, chassis, suspension and engine/transmission modifications. It is able to do in-house testing and reports on vehicles and components for compliance with both State and Federal legislation. Typical tests conducted include Beaming and Torsional Testing of vehicle chassis for wheelbase and/or body changes, Brake System Testing, Noise Testing, Side Intrusion Bar Testing, Seat and Seat Anchorage Strength Testing, Seat Belt Anchorage and Child Restraint Anchorage Strength Testing.

Gilani Engineering realizes the importance of your mobility which is why it wants to help you regain your confidence and independence every day. Their team consists of trained professionals that are willing to help you navigate the process of obtaining everything you need. Gilani Engineering is the leading provider of mobility aids in the state of NSW and ships all over Australia. Its wide clientele base benefit from its assistance as it caters for a range of abilities. Its products range from manual & electric powered wheelchairs to wheelchair accessible vehicles and many other assistive products. It provides a wide range of mobility equipment to fulfil the needs of their customers. Providing comfort and assistance is the main purpose of their company. It aims to improve the lives of people with different abilities by assisting them to take part in everyday life. Their team consists of trained professionals and they will help you navigate the process of obtaining everything you need. At Gilani Engineering, they work on one-of-a-kind mobility solutions tailored to your needs and it ensures that its highest priority is safety, comfortability and ergonomics exceeding the expectations of every client. Their goal is to provide independence to their clients, irrespective of the age or challenges that they face; to provide reassurance to the loved ones; and to offer comfortable, highly professional support by their team. They will never be fully satisfied until they have helped their clients find a long term solution. Gilani Engineering was found by Ramin (Ray) Gilani, an RMS Certified Mechanical Engineer.

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