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Repair and Service your Aid Care Mobility Equipment at Gilani Engineering

At Gilani Engineering our technicians and engineers can repair, maintain and customise your mobility and rehabilitation equipment such as wheelchairs, lifters, beds, walkers, hoists accessibility solutions, ramps, and handrails.


Disability equipment repair under NDIS funding:

If you have Assistive Technology (AT) supports funded in your NDIS plan, then you should also have funding for repairs and maintenance.

Funding for repairs and maintenance can be in two places in your plan.

Consumables budget in CORE

This can be used for repairing or replacing low cost AT or simple repairs and maintenance.

Assistive Technology (AT) budget in CAPITAL

This can be used for other repairs and maintenance. Some plans may have repair and maintenance line items to assist.

Keeping your AT working for you and preparing for the unexpected

AT usually requires regular maintenance and care to keep it working well and minimise breakdowns. You can simply develop a maintenance schedule with Gilani Engineering and if you wish we can send you reminders to keep the schedule in the loop.

Breakdowns and urgent repairs often occur unexpectedly, so participants are encouraged to contact their preferred repair provider whenever you get a new plan or buy a new item of AT.

Repairing AT damaged in a natural disaster will be classified as an urgent repair. This extends to hiring a replacement item where needed (e.g. the AT is destroyed or significantly damaged) until a more permanent solution is available.

How we can assist you with unexpected and urgent repairs
DED09 wheelchair Repair

DED09 wheelchair Repair

If you find yourself in an unexpected situation and you need your mobility aids to be repaired urgently, you need to contact us asap so we can discuss the best solution for you. If you are unable to drop off your mobility aids at our workshop,  our technician can come to you however to do that we may need some pictures of your equipment (please note that a call-out fee may apply).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How much does it cost to repair a wheelchair?

2- How do you service a wheelchair?

3- How often should a wheelchair be serviced?

4- How long is a wheelchair supposed to last?

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