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Gilani engineering employs academically qualified and industrially trained technical experts and advisors to create a breakthrough in the timeline of conventional wheelchair designs and their limited utilities. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, electrical wheelchairs require less effort by users to use the wheelchairs to move around.
Advance and innovative wheelchairs are not only efficient in terms of their mechanical support, but they are also designed to support a dual environment in a robust fashion i.e. indoor as well as outdoor environments. With technically sound manufacturing, you can now enjoy a seamless, smooth, and independent everyday life without having to rely on anyone for your mobility assistance requirements.
Electric wheelchairs have increased the independence of users as they ensure that users can drive the wheelchair around without relying on the assistance of others.  The benefits of having an electrical wheelchair are:

Power Motor:

All electrical wheelchairs have a small electrical motor. This motor has the capacity to move the power wheelchair in an exceedingly easier and simpler manner.

Easier to use for those with limited movement:

A power wheelchair is so convenient that it allows mobility through a straightforward movement of the joystick and is useful for those with limited arm or hand movement and so it doesn’t require the use of the upper body.

Move in any direction:

Electrical wheelchairs can move in any direction and it reduces the inconvenience of manual pushing of the wheels.

Faster and Easier Maneuver:

Unlike manual wheelchairs, power and electric wheelchairs offer better movement and mobility to the users. This ensures that users are able to navigate through tight corners easily and direct the wheelchair through small or narrow passages.

Comfortable movement on rough terrains:

Power wheelchairs are also designed to ensure users are able to navigate through rough terrain, especially those with high inclines. The powerful motor installed in the wheelchairs as well as the smart tires ensure that the users are able to navigate through any hurdles or any difficult areas easily. The suspension system also ensures that any movement in the wheelchairs is smooth during transit.
Power wheelchairs also ensure that users are able to maintain their upper body strength while climbing without the risk of rolling back on an incline unlike there manual or convention wheelchair counters

Customizable Wheelchair Height:

Electric wheelchairs provide the user with the option of a wide range of adjusting their wheelchair height. One of the biggest advantages of a power wheelchair is that it always allows the user to adjust the backrest and seat-height according to personal convenience.

In contrast, the manual wheelchair doesn’t allow users to adjust the height of the chair, whereas the power wheelchair allows users to adjust their height to any level they need it to be at. This allows them to perform any task they desire ranging from trying to reach a higher shelf in a supermarket or if they need to sit at a relatively lower height on the dining table.
Almost all the modern and advanced electric wheelchairs allow the user to adjust their height merely at the push of a button. These electric wheelchairs are so efficiently designed that it does not require any third person to help the user in adjusting the height.

Perfect for Children:

Unlike adults who have relatively tougher upper body and core arm strength, children have a very fragile body and which results in them having difficulties in driving their manual wheelchairs. In such a scenario, advance and innovative, electric wheelchairs enable the children to easily move around without causing any kind of strain to their body.


Electric and power wheelchairs allow users to have an increased sense of independence, which boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem. With all the degrees of freedom at the push of a button or a joystick, it provides users with a sense of purpose and a positive outlook on life.
Electric wheelchairs certainly provide comfort for your legs, head, body, and arms without causing any kind of inconvenience. They not only ensure your safety but also provide you with a better and comfortable experience.

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