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Who are we?

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney mobility equipment specialist company and a Sydney wheelchair supplier that provides high quality disability tools for people all around Australia. We also perform wheelchair accessible car conversions and wheelchair van conversions, dual control car modifications and disability pedal vehicle modifications across the Sydney area. We also sell high quality mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs all over Australia. 

What we do?

Gilani Engineering officers wide range of services and products specifically catering the needs of differently abled people. We have a complete A-Z service policy, starting with the assessment of eligibility and suitability for compliance with the Australian Design Rules for Motor Vehicles (ADRs). We undertake testing of these vehicles and vehicle components for compliance with the ADRs (for new vehicles) and the determinations (For used vehicles). We provide a design service for components and systems to be used in the modification of these vehicles to enable them to comply. 

Gilani Engineering‚ÄĮis also able to approve alterations and modifications to motor vehicles according to NSW Road Traffic Authority guidelines introduced by State Government. These approvals range from the simple such as the fitting of aftermarket seats through to body, chassis, suspension and engine/transmission modifications.¬†

We are able to do in-house testing and reports on vehicles and components for compliance with both State and Federal legislation. Typical tests conducted include Beaming and Torsional Testing of vehicle chassis for wheelbase and/or body changes, Brake System Testing, Noise Testing, Side Intrusion Bar Testing, Seat and Seat Anchorage Strength Testing, Seat Belt Anchorage and Child Restraint Anchorage Strength Testing. 

"There is always a better solution! Improve simply by asking the right questions and add a pinch of "outside the box" thinking" 

Who is our founder?

The founder of Gilani Engineering, Ramin Gilani (also known as Ray), Graduated from "Motorsport Gymnasiet" (the Swedish institute of Motorsport) in Sweden 2005. He proceeded to Lulea University of technology where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Automotive System Engineering in 2010 and presented his Master's thesis in Mechanical engineering at Monash University Melbourne in 2012.

With only 2 years of research away from obtaining his PhD he decided that he had studied enough to be able to bridge the knowledge gap identified existing within the automotive industry between the hands on technicians and the engineers. 


His first job before even finishing his University studies was testing vehicle parts for Gestamp Hardtech which supplies mainly the German automotive industry such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. 

In 2012 he started working as a fully qualified mechanical engineer designing, developing and even building wheelchair accessible vehicles. He was promoted into a managing position within 2 years and was heavily involved in R&D throughout the range of disability products. 

To completely master all aspect of the products and find room for improvements, Ramin had to leave the office behind and work side by side with the welders, panel beaters and body makers in the factory. By doing so he could report directly to the director where the production line requires optimization. He was promoted to General Manager in 2015. Beside building the products by hand he was investigating what new vehicle on the market would suit to be modified into wheelchair accessible. The Honda Odyssey was introduced in 2015 and the Kia Sorento was introduced in 2016 after numerous discussions with the team. 

Ramin‚ÄĮis a member of the SAE (Aust), a Registered Professional Engineer in NSW, an Approved Person under NSW RMS Transport Vehicle Modification Scheme for light vehicles.¬†

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